Join us at the Chocolaterian Cafe in Middleton for live music, coffee and treats from 7-8:30PM! They have mouth-watering desserts from velvety-smooth chocolate mousse to gourmet cookies. Indulge your sweet tooth and toe-tapping inner teen this Fall with a wooly sweater, steaming mug of Joe and indulgent treats that will make you smile!

Join us on Thursday, November 16th as Acoustic Collective plays our one-hour show in this lovely auditorium! Open to the public and Oakwood community, we feature a folksy spin with two guitars and harmony-rich singing on tunes by Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Indigo Girls, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt and many more

Keep the festivities going the night after Thanksgiving from 7-9:30PM with toe-tapping music in a classy, jovial atmosphere! Oh, yes. There will be more new tunes by Turkey Day and even Bill’s neighbors usually come out to share a bottle of wine. We have a swell time enjoying Kate’s hospitality at the Lakeside Street Cafe and hope you’ll join us!

If you haven’t heard the band before, first DJ and Bill were singing together for 19 years. Then, Field & James met and started singing around town 6-7 years ago. After getting together for a summer of shoes in 2016, we had so much fun the guys started working their guitar parts, the gals put together some sweet harmonies and Tom added in his fine bass-playing to the band in the Spring. We are happily singing along with two guitars and four voices and hope you’ll join us for a fun night!

Wild Hog in the Woods…CoffeeHouse Style Music in the Folk Tradition
Join Acoustic Collective for an evening of folksy harmonies as we share the music of CSN, the Indigo Girls, the Doobie Brothers, Young Rascals and Joni Mitchell. Delores, Field, Bill and James leverage decades of duet singing by taking leads and adding harmonies. With two guitars and Tom’s swinging bass, James can entertain with his legendary guitar work.

Sing along to some of our favorite tunes like “Come Together” and “Big Yellow Taxi” which are just as timely today as when they were first penned!

Founded in 1978, Wild Hog in the Woods has offered weekly folk music concerts are a Madison tradition for 39 years. They are held in the idyllic setting of an old church (now the Wil-Mar Community Center) on Madison’s near east side, just one block off of Willy Street. There’s a relaxed atmosphere with dim lighting and candles on the tables with teas, natural juices and locally ground coffee available. Fresh baked goods, such as cookies, muffins or whatever treats spring from the volunteer baker’s weekly inspirations!

We’re back with some warm harmonies to take the chill off a cold winter’s eve! Toss the snow off your boots to enjoy our usual harmonic fare of high-jinx antics, James’ electrifying solos, Bill’s sweet folksy leads, DJ’s never-fail spot-on harmonies, Tom’s solid bass beat and Field’s stand-and-deliver lyrics. Dang! We have such a good time. Tunes selected from a hand-picked gathering of our brightest gems – Joni Mitchell, CSN, America, Simon & Garfunkel, the Young Rascals…