We’re so excited to have the talented 14 year-old Mana Peterson join us for her band debut singing Joni Mitchell’s classics Big Yellow Taxi and Carey. Some of you may remember our late-bassist and good friend, Steve Peterson, her grand-dad who brought us all together for the joy of making music! Acoustic Collective will jump in with songs by CSN&Y, the Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss, Gordon Lightfoot and other harmonic classics.

Across from Schenk Ele School
Please join us for an outdoor benefit concert hosted by “Seeds of Peace” – a coalition of Eastside churches raising funds to provide food for children to take home on weekends. These kids from Schenk, Allis and Nuestro Mundo depend on school meals and we are delighted to be invited to participate in such an important community undertaking. Friends, let’s keep building a better community together!