Drink You Off My Mind

Pour me a tall one

I know that you cant see
The ghost of a girl that came in with me

My man got it all
He was my everything
But those days are gone now
Im done with this ring

Bartender, hear me out and pour me another drink
Theres something in that bottle you got
Maybe I wont have to think if I can drink you off my mind

I know she wont be back
She took my heart with her
Now Ive lost my morning sun
Every day is just a blur

You got those shiny bottles
Painkillers for the heart
Help me fill this big deep ache and make a whole new start

Closing time, shes on my mind
Before I go, give me one for the road

You got those shiny bottles
I did the best I could
We’ll stack ‘em up, move ‘em around
You know I loved you good